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Deploy on Android Smartphones (deprecated)

Note: We do not support the Android based smartphone build anymore.

The deployment requires setting up the adbkey produced during build which is used to flash the build artifacts with fastboot.

adb key for deployment of containers

The trust|me adb access to the root namespace (ramdisk) is only allowed to one host adbkey. This adb key is automatically generated during first build in /trustme/build/device_provisioning/test_certificates/dev.user.adbkey[.pub] You have to copy this key to your local adb configuration to be able to deploy containers later on.

Before you overwrite your adbkey make a backup:

cp ~/.android/adbkey ~/.android/adbkey.bak

Then copy the adbkey of the workspace to your configuration and restart adb

cd workspace
cp trustme/build/device_provisioning/test_certificates/dev.user.adbkey ~/.android/adbkey
adb kill-server

Alternatively you can copy your current host adb pub key to the test_certificats folder and rebuild the userdata image

cp ~/.android/adbkey.pub \
cp ~/.android/adbkey \
make userdata_image

Flash device

Unlock hammerhead

In order to be able to flash trust|me on the hammerhead device the bootloader has to be unlocked:

get device into fastboot mode: “Press and hold both Volume Up and Volume Down, then press and hold Power”

fastboot oem unlock

Flash hammerhead

The adb version needed for make deploy_images is 1.0.32! (usually we build this as part of the overall trust|me build)
press “Volume Down” hold it and then additionally press “Power”
Plugin mobile phone to USB port on PC

fastboot flash boot out-trustme/target/hammerhead/boot.img \
    flash recovery out-trustme/target/hammerhead/recovery.img \
    flash userdata out-trustme/target/hammerhead/userdata.img

fastboot reboot
make deploy_images

Change default usertoken password

Now you have deployed a development release to your device. The device generates a user token which is used to encrypt the container’s data with the default password trustme. If you want to use the phone for real user data, you are strongly advised to change the password of this token before you start any container for the fist time!

# get token from device
adb pull /data/cml/tokens/testuser.p12 .
# unwrap token
openssl pkcs12 -in testuser.p12 -out tmpmycert.pem -nodes
# rewrap token
openssl pkcs12 -export -out newtestuser.p12 -in tmpmycert.pem
# remove temp file
rm tmpmycert.pem
# push new token and remove temp tokens
adb push newtestuser.p12 /data/cml/tokens/testuser.p12
rm testuser.p12 newtestuser.p12

or just replace the token with the generated test token in trustme/build/device_provisioning/test_certificates/dev.user.p12

adb push trustme/build/device_provisioning/test_certificates/dev.user.p12 \